3 things you don’t want to hear about the best currency exchange rates

November 28, 2016 no comments Posted in Best exchange rates


It’s not easy to get the best currency exchange rates when you buy foreign currencies. Here are 3 things you don’t want to hear about the best currency exchange rates because you will fail each time

Your bank is robbing you

Do you think you always get the best currency exchange rates when you send money abroad thanks to your bank? Well, let me tell you you don’t. I’m sorry, but someone has to make you know.

Your bank always apply a slower currency exchange rate than the real one. If you check at the XE exchange rate compared to the one your bank proposed you, you will be very upset. You will realize your bank is robbing you.

For example, is you send $1’000 to France, you will receive €1’089 using your bank. If you check XE, it tells you the exchange is $1 = €1,14.

Your bank applies hidden fees to your money transfers in the exchange rate, so you can’t see them.

You think you can’t escape but you can, using a money transfer comparison service.

You can’t predict the future exchange rate

No one can. So don’t be mad at yourself. Even brokers can’t.

If some people are doing speculation with the exchange rates, according to external factors like economy, politic, etc, the risk to loose money at the end is very high. It’s like playing poker and go all-in with a 2 and a 7.


You can’t get the best currency exchange rate

Whatever you do, you will never get the best currency exchange rate. Except if you change the way to send money abroad.

Thanks to a 100% transparent money transfer comparison tool, you will learn you can have the best prices.

You will always pay for doing a money transfer, but you can try to get the best conditions according to your own needs : the cheapest, the easiest or the fastest.

Most of the time, people are looking for the cheapest, because as me, you don’t want to give free money to your bank, and you are right. So check the Moneytis website and enjoy your future savings, even if you can’t control the exchange rates.

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