Why even football players should care about the best exchange rates ?

November 12, 2016 no comments Posted in Best exchange rates


Like most people professional football players, who no need to precise win millions per year, don’t care about the best exchange rates. Well this too bad as it could saved them tens if not hundred of thousand of euros per year !

Why does anyone care about the best exchange rates ?

Rough, sad and true answer: best exchange rates are like a fat and ugly boy or girl, most people don’t care about them ! Why ? Because they are not sexy whereas everything in our society pushes us to only focus on what is sexy and/or short and simple to understand in 2 seconds.

Well best exchange rates are not sexy at all ! First,they move every day. Second, not only should you know what is the historical balance between 2 currencies to understand if you are facing best exchange rates for you or not. You should also be aware if any major political, economical, societal change is going to occur soon which can have a very positive or negative impact on the best exchange rate for you! Well, no wonder why most people and especially footballers who drop out of school very early don’t care about them! It seems to be too complicated even though it could make them save a lot of money!

How make best exchange rates sexy again ?

It seems the only way to make footballers focus on the best exchange rates is to make them sexy and/or easy to understand. I think we ought to go for the sexy part when it comes to footballers 🙂

After some research, I found out a sexy tool called Neomy created by the company Moneytis.

This tool enables you to be alerted by Facebook/Messenger when the best exchange rates occur. Plus, you get alerted by Neomy who might even be sexy enough for football players! If you think about Zlatan Ibrahimovic transferring part of his euros into pounds, imagine how much he could have saved by doing so at the best moments without even having to think about it? I would say at least a couple hundred thousand euros in his case ! Therefore, footballers should care about the best exchange rates to maximize the value of their transfers. The good news is that they now have the perfect free assistant to do so !



Football players should also use XE, but it is not enough!

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