How to get the best exchange rates?

December 6, 2016 no comments Posted in Best exchange rates

Hidden fees, commissions, ATM fees, credit card payment extra charges are some of tricky terms uses the different operator to make cash on each international money transfer. But with a bit of knowledge about how this world works, you can quickly find right solutions and enjoy the best exchange rates to transfer your money !


  1. Check the exchange rate as often as you can

as exchange rate are fluctuating all the time, keeping an eye on it can’t be a bad idea. If you are always transferring money from one currency to another, the best way to keep you update is to instal an app on your smartphone and check the rate from time to time ! Stay informed of the news are also a good way to predict a fluctuation in the exchange rate. For example last year, the National bank in Switzerland decided to stop keeping the euro / swiss franc balance and the reaction on the market when crazy to go from 1€ = 1,20 CHF to 1€ = 1CHF. In a matter of days, people working in Switzerland and living in the borderline in France, Italy and Germany got a 20% salary increase. When something like this happens, trust me you want to be the best inform as you can about exchange rate !!

  1. Use a comparison platform

If you want to get the best exchange rate is probably to send your money abroad at the best condition. Using a comparison tool will allow you to have the best option to send your money abroad (What you need to know about money transfer services).  One is for me the best comparison tool on the market as you can both check exchange rates and make money transfer at the same place. Just google it you will find.

The last piece of advice I can give you is to be curious and try new ways of researching. New online banks, brokers, transfer money start-ups, a lot of entrepreneurs are working to offer you the best service and on the more transparent way so keep updates !

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