Local worldwide currencies, is it possible?

January 2, 2017 no comments Posted in Best exchange rates

Did you see what I just did? I am playing with words, local and worldwide are not strictly opposed, or maybe they are in our context, but not in the concept. Local is opposed to global and a local global currency is harder to get. But Local worldwide currencies could be totally justified and let me tell you why. But first, let’s remind you why we need local currencies. A local currency helps a local system to blossom, everything sold in this local ecosystem gives you a token that you can only use in this ecosystem.


Local currency to a planet

If the human race goes to other planets, or if we start some negoce with other races, then a local currency will be useful. In this definition we are talking about a local worldwide currency. The problem though, would be to prevent this currency to be exchanged too easily with another external currency to force people to spend it where the currency was earned. At the moment, it’s something well known on planet Earth, China or India understood it and will not help you to transfer money out of the country. In China you are limited to a specific amount and if you are a company it’s also really hard to get the money out of there. Blockchain based token and hawala have been a pretty famous way to send money out of the country at this moment.

Local currency to a galaxy

Local currency to a city, local currency to a region, local currency to a country, local currency to a planet, local currency to a solar system, why not do a local currency for an entire galaxy? You could still have a more global system which we can call the universe and maybe higher system we are not sure about at the moment. Still currency exchange, and money transfers would be needed.

Something is sure, it would not be about sending money overseas and more about sending money over space!

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