What if Trump made the euro great again ?

October 25, 2016 no comments Posted in Best exchange rates


As you may know, currencies fluctuate based on many parameters. Well the election of Donald Trump might bring the best euro exchange rates of all time !


Trump and the best euro exchange rates

He said he would make America strong again. He said he would close the access to America to Muslims and make it even harder for others to immigrate to the country of uncle Sam. Well this might bring the best euro exchange rates of all time.

If not only people but also investments come less and less to America, there is a big chance that they will be redirected to the biggest market in the World: the European Union. As a consequence, euro will face the best euro exchange rates it might have never faced against dollars. Then, we Europeans might come less to America but at least we will come with more purchasing power! I think I will have to buy one of these silly Trump T-shirts or hands people wave all other the place during the elections to thank him for improving our buying power when coming to the US.

What will the best euro exchange rates enable me to do easier in the US?

Last time I went to the US, 1€ was worth 1.10 USD…which is far from the 1€ = 1.50 USD people had in 2008. Therefore, if Trump enables us to reach the best euro exchange rates of all time, this will enable to less worry about the price of a beer or of each tip you have to give! Think about it, 15 to 20% of each of your meal has to be a tip. Well if the euro increase by 20 or 30% against the dollar, this will make a huge difference on all my lunch and dinner bills 🙂

If like me you would like to follow the evolution of the exchange rates to know when is the good moment to come to America, feel free to check out the following tool I use: https://www.moneytis.com/best-exchange-rates.

With this I am sure to systematically make the best out of my euros.

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